Beacon Children's Learning Centers
"Why settle for JUST a babysitter"

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Our Management Team


Beacon Daycare has been in business since the early 90s with a few ownership changes. The current owner, Reverend William Citeroni, purchased Beacon in 2008 after running 2 other successful daycares for approximately 12 years. His philosophies are based on his experience as a teacher and single parent of 3 children. "While looking for childcare for my children when they were younger, I found that there was no facility that met my expectations, so I decided to open my own". William has continued to learn and grow as he has taken Beacon Daycare to the next level by making it an educational based facility. What does this mean to you, the parent? It means that we have a complete staff of teachers with the same ideas in mind. BEACONS goal is to get your child/children ready for kindergarten. We work with your child/children starting as early as our infant room and finish up with the preschool class. When your child leaves BEACON for school they are prepared. We are in frequent contact with all the local school districts to find out what they require for a child to know to begin kindergarten. Then we tailor our program so that the children that complete it are well prepared when starting school and take with them all the tools they need to succeed. We want a "BEACON" child to be an independent kindergartener.

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